If you went to rap school, you
wasted your money. Talibam!'s #noschoolrap is the result of
circumstance. They never studied old or new school rap. Rap found
them. In 2009, a falling gong broke Kevin Shea's bass drum foot in
Torino, Italy. In a subsequent recording session, Shea adapted using
his other foot on the bass drum. The ensuing beats, composed without
samples or loops, inspired Mottel and Shea to flex their symbiotic
verbal epipuffanies within their self produced floral pop paradise.

A lucid genesis through synchronicity and chutzpa led to Talibam!'s
#noschoolrap debut single, 'Step into the Marina.' Talibam! believes
'the world needs #noschoolrap and is here to give the populace what
they want. From the forthcoming full length #noschoolrap album 'Puff
Up the Volume' out September 2012 on Critical Heights.